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Poise to Shine

Dec 31, 2018

How to set yourself up for success and to avoid the classic mistakes of New Year's resolutions. Here's how to set up goals that work for you and for your priorities now without waiting for things to magically change.

Question for the show?

Dec 21, 2018

There is a word we are afraid to say. We have been educated to seek success through things we excel at and we are afraid to admit that something didn't go as planned and that we made a mistake.

Learn why and how we can overcome this roadblock emerging stronger on the other side.

Dec 20, 2018

The festive period brings out the worst in many of us. Healthy boundaries can help you navigate the family's quicksand or advocate for yourself at work.

Don't miss out this episode because it has everything you need to survive the holidays and test your assertiveness!

Dec 18, 2018

In this episode, I share with you a powerful tip to leverage your story with insights on why we take on specific behaviours and how to use them in the best way to develop your confidence.

Theory and practice go hand in hand. This episode will give you some background knowledge and will tell you how to put it...

Dec 18, 2018

What is confidence and how can you develop it? There are techniques and methods to help you flex your confidence muscle! In this episode, I share with you the power of one simple word that you're often avoiding to use!

To join the Flex Your Confidence challenge, click here.

You can also join the Confidence Tribe on...